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By Catherine Price

"A lively, creative, tongue-in-cheek consultant to a few of the least beautiful locations and reviews within the world"

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A few years ago, Red Wizards of Thay slew Cholandrothipe, possibly because he refused to share his spells or because they wanted any treasure he had accumulated in his tower. The Thayans entered the slender tower near Feather Falls, but magical guardians and traps sent them fleeing for their lives. Since then, adventurers entering the Tower have reported extensive underground passages and grisly laboratories that indicate that Cholandrothipe was less benevolent than the people of Feather Falls had believed.

As a fortress that has never had to fight off a serious attack, it is known more for the good humor of its lord, the marvels of its interior architecture, and the joys of its splendid feasts than for any martial strength. This is just as Ulath wishes it. Lulled by tales of the tower's wonders (hanging plants in an atrium open to the stars but somehow shielded from heavy rain, and a stunning map of the Dalelands carved into a huge wooden table in the central Starfall Chamber), attackers might underestimate the fortress's capabilities.

Skillful and wise magicians can find employment w i t h Ulath while he searches for Rhauntides's successor. PLOTS AND RUMORS Like several other peaceful dales, Deepingdale is now threatened by a dangerous and determined enemy. The southwest corner of the forest retained the largest population of elves during the Retreat, but the Auzkovyn view Deepingdale and its elven allies as the greatest obstacle to their domination of the forest, The Storm King: Somewhere in the mountains south of Thunder Gap stands the black keep of the Storm King, a chaotic evil cloud giant sorcerer who commands the loyalty of several ogre bands and numerous goblin tribes.

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