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The dynamic component comes from the macroscopic kinetic energy of the molecules in the direction of flow. 8c) and assume that the gas is calorically perfect, then we can write the equation as follows 47 A First Course on Aerodynamics Fundamentals of Inviscid Compressible Flow Note that the above form of energy equation is valid for adiabatic flows. We remove the subscripts for station 1 and imagine that the gas reaches stagnation condition at station 2. Then we can write the above equation as It is to be noted from the above equation that when defining stagnation temperature the flow needs to be adiabatic but not necessarily isentropic.

Hence, such flows are usually assumed to be incompressible, where density is constant. However, for the flow of gases moderate to strong pressure gradients lead to substantial changes in the density. Such flows are called as compressible flows. There are various flow regimes in compressible flow, namely subsonic compressible flow, transonic flow, supersonic and hypersonic flow. 7, the flow remains subsonic over the entire airfoil. It needs to be remembered that the local Mach number over the airfoil varies as a function of its shape and could well exceed the freestream Mach number in regions of high acceleration especially on the upper surface.

Prandtl thus came up with the fundamental equation of his famous lifting line theory The wing spans from –b/2 to b/2, which means its total span is b; c(yo) is the local sectional chord length of the wing. In physical terms the above equation simply states that the geometric angle of attack is equal to the sum of effective angle plus induced angle of attack. Note that the wing planform is in the x-y plane and line. Γ = Γ( y) is the circulation distribution along the span of the wing. com 30 A First Course on Aerodynamics Fundamental Concepts in Aerodynamics AR is the aspect ratio of the wing given by S is the planform area of the wing.

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