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By American Society for Testing and Materia

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Gloves used in operations should be aluminized leather and insulated. They should be loose fitting for instant removal. Contact material manufacturers for recommendations. " Medical attention is required after any exposure to metal alkyl fires. Some of the metal alkyls have halogen in their structure, so the fumes may also contain hydrogen chloride, hydrogen bromide, or hydrogen iodide. HAZARDOUSMATERIALSACCIDENTS SPECIAL CATEGORY WATER SENSITIVE LIQUIDS I Metals and Metal Alkyls Yes No v 9 Use NO water!

Combustible gas indicators are available to check the LEL. If tanks are opened in an accident, all people and power equipment should be kept at least 3000 feet (900 meters) away until the boundary of the L E L is known. Continual monitoring of the L E L boundary is required until discharge is stopped and vapors have dispersed. Addition of water to pools of liquefied gas is not generally recommended, because the relative heat of the water will greatly increase the vaporization rate of the material.

This is important to know because liquefied gases will vaporize under normal conditions and produce 200 to 600 volumes of vapor for every one volume of liquid. Another important consideration is the flammable range, which varies for each material. Some vapors are flammable in mixtures as lean as 2% vapor in air; restated, vapor diluted by 49 volumes of air to 1 volume of vapor could be flammable. If liquid or vapor is released, all sources of ignition must be kept out of any area where the vapor concentration is at or above the lower explosive limit (LEL).

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