Steve, C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps's Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design PDF

By Steve, C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps

ISBN-10: 1580532829

ISBN-13: 9781580532822

The writer is a professional in RF amplifiers. during this publication he expands upon the guidelines awarded in his prior e-book which was once a top vendor.

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Situations where a device is being used well below its cutoff frequency may require, or will greatly benefit from, specific harmonic terminating circuit elements on the input. • The process of linearizing the response of a BJT includes the use of a specific, and very low, impedance for the base bias supply voltage. This is a very different bias design issue in comparison to the simple current bias used in small signal BJT amplifiers, or the simple high impedance voltage bias used in FET PAs. Class AB Amplifiers 29 • The use of on-chip resistors in order to improve the linearity of a BJT RFPA device, as opposed to thermal ballasting, seems worthy of more extensive simulation and development efforts.

The input sinusoidal generator amplitude Vin will cause a corresponding change in the sinusoidal amplitude Vs appearing across the junction. 21 Schematic of BJT Class AB RFPA; junction capacitor shorts harmonic current components, but is resonated at fundamental by input matching network. amplitude variable, it is possible to determine the current flowing in the junction, ib = e ( k V q +V s sin at ) ek where vq is the dc voltage bias. This can be integrated over a cycle in order to extract the fundamental component, Ib1.

26 also shows a couple of apparent downsides; the power gain is reduced, surprisingly, as the gain expansion factor is increased. This is due to the reduction in gain at low drive levels and is actually more an artifact of the normalization of Imax than being a fundamental tradeoff. 26 also shows the ideal linear device as having no IM or distortion at drive levels lower than the onset of Class AB truncation. This simply is a result of using an ideal linear transconductance (gz = 1). It is important to recognize that these effects may not in practice be simply attributed to the nonlinearity of the transfer characteristics.

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