Aikido: The co-ordination of mind and body for self-defence - download pdf or read online

By Koichi Tohei

ISBN-10: 028550195X

ISBN-13: 9780285501959

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If you decide to build a campfire, remember these two objectives: 1) leave the site as natural and pleasant looking as you found it (or better), and 2) minimize the effects of wood gathering and of the fire itself on local soil, plants, wildlife, and other visitors. Page 53 Gather firewood over a wide area, well away from camp. Break sticks only as needed (unused sticks can be scattered to blend in naturally). Keep fires small and brief. Conserve nature's supply of downed wood. Protect plants, soil, and rocks from the fire's heat by using a fire pan or a mound of sand or mineral soil (see illustrated instructions).

Animals are stressed when people come too close. Some animalssuch as bearsgrow accustomed to people or learn to associate humans with food from improper disposal of garbage. This leads to dangerous encounters, and the area is closed to further use or the animals are killed. Other recreationists seeking solitude may be disturbed by finding litter or hearing the noise of nearby campers. As we look at ways to soften our presence in Page 12 the backcountry, it helps to remember the three types of adverse effects.

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