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An Enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland is a political and highbrow biography of Sir Archibald Alison (1792-1867), historian, social critic, felony legal professional, and sheriff of Lanarkshire. the 1st writer to check the total variety of Alison's writings and actions, Michael Michie finds an important hyperlink among the Scottish Enlightenment and Victorian conservatism. Michie argues that Alison's conservative principles have been deeply stimulated by means of the social and political considered the Scottish Enlightenment. He contends that Alison used to be the embodiment of the excessive Tory appropriation of the legacy of Adam Smith quite glaring within the trust that advertisement agrarian capitalist society used to be the main acceptable shape for either the upkeep of order and the perform of advantage. constructing the advice conservative interpretation of the enlightened legacy used to be attainable for the succeeding century, Michie's learn bargains an invaluable corrective to the got knowledge that Victorian Liberalism was once the real inheritor of the Scottish Enlightenment.

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55. William Alison, Observations on the Famine, 2-3. 56. See the Rev. Archibald Alison, "Memoir of Tytler"; Ash, Strange Death of Scottish History. 30 An Enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland circumstances of his marriage is uncharacteristically revealing. 59 Alison was steeped in this tradition: the Oyster Club, of which his father's friend, Dugald Stewart, was a member, along with Smith, Ferguson, Robertson, Joseph Black, James Hutton, and John Playfair; Scott's Friday Club; the revived (1787) Poker Club - with Alexander Tytler, Lord Daer, Playfair, Robertson, Baron Hume, and Henry Mackenzie; the Philosophical Society (out of which came the Newtonian Club), and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Wishing to uphold the values of a class - the landed gentry - to which he did not belong and faced with the need to make his way in a society so dependent on patronage and connection, Alison chose to make a virtue of "professional" values. As sheriff, for instance, he would argue insistently for a professional (and independent) police force. He also argued for the originality of his views on social and political questions while exhibiting the same "pliant ability" in serving the governing class which he deplored in the aristocracy.

Introduction," to Smith, Theory of Moral Sentiments, 5. The Rev. Archibald Alison, Sermons, i, sermon ix, 179-80. , n, sermon xvi, 323, 325, 328, 331. , n, sermon xvn, 340-1, 345. , I, sermon i, 6. 24 An Enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland of men, there presides one Almighty Mind, in whose extended government 'all things are working together for final good' " was very similar to his friend Dugald Stewart's description of a spontaneously unfolding benevolent design of divine origin. "36 Archibald Alison read his father's sermons in Enlightenment fashion: as tracts in moral philosophy.

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