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By Scott Meyer

ISBN-10: 1477821406

ISBN-13: 9781477821404

Ever considering Martin Banks and his fellow computing device geeks found that truth is simply a working laptop or computer software to be fortunately hacked, they’ve been jaunting backward and forward via time, posing as medieval wizards and having the epic adventures that different nerds can simply dream of getting. yet even of their wildest fantasies, they by no means anticipated to finish up on the mercy of the previous apprentice whom they despatched to felony for gross misuse of magic and all-around evil behavior.

Who knew that the vengeful Todd could get away, then conjure a working laptop or computer video game filled with wolves, wenches, wastelands, and various harrowing hazards—and seize his hapless former neighbors within it? Stripped in their magic powers, the would-be wizards needs to courageous terrifying risks, technical system defects, and one another’s corporation in the event that they are looking to see medieval England—and their favourite sci-fi videos on VHS—ever back. Can our heroes live to tell the tale this magical secret torture? Or will it basically lead them and their pointy hats into extra peril?

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