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Марк Анто́ний (Marcus Antonius) (14 января eighty three до н. э., Рим — 1 августа 30 до н. э., Египет) — римский политик-цезарианец и военачальник, триумвир 43-33 гг. до н. э., трижды консул forty four до н. э., 34 до н. э. и 31 до н. э.В этой книги представлена эпоха его жизни.

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He was censor, active in enrolling the new citizens, but the paper concession was shrewdly manipulated to render the Italian vote ineffectual; and though the war was ended, allied discontent remained a grievance which later generals could exploit for their own purposes. C. Lucius Caesar and his brother Gaius, supporting the conservatives, were killed in the Marian proscriptions. It was the same slaughter that killed Antony's paternal grandfather, Marcus Antonius. 11 Lucius Caesar left two children: Lucius Julius Caesar and Julia, Antony's mother.

Indeed, he probably studied hard, for by now he knew the practical values of swaying men's minds. He is described as preferring the ornate "Asiatic" style of oratory, and Octavian criticized the use of archaisms in his speech; but in later years he proved a powerful orator. C. Antony continued his training under a tutor, Marcus Epidius. But concurrently he was studying military training, and this was where his heart and greatest talent lay. 24 26 Ill Lieutenant Antony's career, like those of his leading contemporaries, was always to include political and military aspects.

The distribution of the quaestors among the provinces was regularly determined by lot. 19 It was more than time for Caesar's lieutenant to join his army. Caesar had been hurried from his winter stay in Cisalpine Gaul by a revolt of the previously quiet tribes in central Gaul. Vercingetorix, a young prince of the Arverni, proved a brilliant leader, and for the first time rallied the disunited and quarrelsome Gallic tribes into a powerful cooperation. Almost all Gaul eventually followed Vercingetorix as he raided southern France and checked Caesar's early attacks.

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